WayWes Plumbing offers drain jetting with the latest equipment. We offer professional, reliable and affordable drain cleaning services, providing a full range of drainage solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial needs.  we offer Jetting drain cleaning solutions which is proven to remove stubborn debris from piping. High pressure hydro jetting machines suitable for small to large drains.  This is used to clear out roots, cement, concrete, sand, oils and fats. It clears tough blockage’s and also cleans the inner pipe wall lining removing scale build-up etc. We also offer venturi pump service for cleaning grease traps clearing manholes extra.

Our Equipement

Ian Dickie Model Maxi Jet 21/180 – 180 Bar 21 L/Min Jet Cleaner.
Maxi – Jet.
Interpump W101 Triplex Plunger Pump
Unloader Valve
Pump filtration.
Retro-jet pipe cleaning nozzle with replaceable ceramic inserts.
Centrally mounted hose reel.
Mounted on a 4 wheeled all steel trolley.

Flow: : 21L/min.
Pressure: : 180 Bar.
Suitable for Clearing Pipes: : 75-160mm
Hose: : 80M X 9mm lightweight sewer hose
Reel: : Manually Operated.
Powered by: : GX630, 18HP Electric Start Petrol Engine